Foxeer CL1196 2.5mm M12 Replacement Lens for Arrow/Monster/Predator/Falkor Mini & Full Size Cameras

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If you think the 2.8mm lens is too narrow, and the 2.1mm lens is too wide, then this is the lens for you! Made of high quality glass, this 2.5 mm FPV Lens for Foxeer and Runcam cameras is perfect for those who want to be able to see what is coming around the next turn but don't like the fish-eye which a 2.1mm lens produces. 

Being able to have a wider field of view is very important, as it allows you to prepare sooner for what is coming next in your flight. But, a 2.1mm lens can be disorienting for some pilots. Many pros are moving from a 2.1 mm lens to this 2.5mm lens! If you're still wondering what lens is best for you, give the 2.5 mm FPV Lens for Foxeer and Runcam cameras a try! We know it won’t disappoint.

This is a great “other option” again if you are looking for that in-between lens of the 2.1 or the 2.8. We think that many racers are moving away from the 2.1 because of the fish bowl effect that it can have but that still want to have a wider FOV than what the 2.8 lens offers. We definitely expect to see more of our 2.5 mm FPV Lens in races across the world.

The 2.5 mm FPV Lens for Foxeer and Runcam cameras will fit any FPV Camera we offer here at RaceDayQuads, including our Foxeer Arrow V2 Camera and our Runcam Eagle 16:9 Camera. We stand by this product and have seen a lot of our pro & expert racers using this lens more. If you should have any questions and/or comments about the 2.5mm FPV lens please contact us either via email or again you can always contact us via Facebook. Though be sure to like us first!


Test video footage with the 2.5 FPV lens: