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Butterflight Motors - 2207 2500kv 3-6S - Butterwhisk

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Anybody can use windings big enough to handle 6s 2500kv, but we had noticed other commercial options sometimes suffered from slipped magnets. Xfoot waved their magic CAD wand and came up with a solution that completely eliminates slipped magnets. Most miniquad motors have slots at the top of the bell to stop the magnets moving side to side, some high end ones have a ring at the bottom of the bell to stop them sliding downwards. What we did was mill perfectly fitting pockets into the bell to fit each magnet individually. Slipped magnets will not be an issue with these motors, and they can handle a LOT of abuse before something goes wrong. We could ship the motors without gluing the magnets in and 99% of people would never have a problem.


  • 2207 Stator
  • 2500KV
  • Multistrand silver windings
  • Naked Base
  • Japanese NMB bearings
  • Steel shaft with retention screw
  • Insanely tight airgap
  • N52 magnets

Fly them, abuse them, the Butterwhisk should be a mental motor to really take your flying up a notch!

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