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Cerberus V2 5" Stretch X Racer - Flynoceros Frames w/Lifetime Warranty

  • $69.99

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 Cerberus… Upgraded in every way.

  • Stronger
  • Longer
  • Smoother
  • Lighter
  • Dare we say…. Faster

Cerberus V2 Specs

  • Stretched X
  • Unibody
  • Roll Cage
  • 250 race class
  • 5″ props
  • 22mm motors

V1 Compatibility

  • Rollcage (the roll cage is redesigned, but V1 roll cage works just fine)
  • Hood (the hood is just as good as always and works just the same)
  • Motor Protectors ( the arms have changed, the V1 motor protectors will work, but it’s not a perfect fit)
  • HD Mounts (HD mounts work just like before)


  • 3.5mm Carbon Fiber Plate optimized for weight and strength
  • 3.5mm Carbon Fiber roll cage
  • M3 35mm Standoffs
  • M3 Screws
  • M3 Lock-nuts
  • TPU 3D Printed Multi-part hood
    • 2 Cam Parts
    • 1 Body Part
    • 1 Antenna Part
  • Zip ties

Suggested Build Components

  • 30A ESCs
  • 22xx motors only
  • Most HS1177 style cameras fit out-of-the-box (ie, Runcam Swift, Owl Plus, Eagle, Foxeer Arrow, etc)

Protection Package

  • 4 Motor Protectors (Cerberus V1 Motor Protectors not compatible)
  • 4 ESC Covers (Fits Aikon ESCs or similar size)

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