Flywoo Finder V1.0 SE Buzzer w/ LED

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Flywoo Finder V1.0 board with two LED buzzers and Lipo battery. This kit contains all you need to keep you from losing your quad.

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  • 100dB Buzzer w/ built in LED
  • Active/Passive Buzzer Functionality
  • Charges when plugged into flight controller


  • Buzzer dB: 100 dB
  • Size: 21*11*9.5MM
  • Weight: 2.7 grams


  • 1x Flywoo Finder V1.0 SE Board
  • 1x Lipo Battery
  • 2x Buzzer w/ LED

The buzzer has two modes of operation:

1. It is compatible with the functions of the traditional active buzzer and synchronized with the flight control.
2. When the flight control is normally connected, if the main battery in the flight is powered off, it can still automatically emit 100 dB of drip sound after 30 seconds of power failure, and the LED will emit white light.

To turn off the buzzer: Press and hold the release button for more than 2 seconds, the Finder V1.0 turns off the sound.

The Finder is compatible with all BF and CF flight controls. Just connect to the buzzer interface of the flight controller and it will work. When the flight control wiring is correct, the multi-rotor aircraft is powered on, and the flight control power supply will be automatically charged for the Finder (the red LED will light to indicate charging is in progress, the red light is off to indicate charging saturation; the red light flashing indicates flight control) Electricity, enter 30 seconds waiting time).