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Fractal Engineering x weBLEEDfpv Fractal65 Crown Whoop Frame Kit - Choose Your Color

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Color: Crown Purple
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Are you a whoop racer looking for the sharpest performance without compromising reliability?
Or perhaps a freestyle pilot that wants a robust frame with quick maintenance?
Maybe you simply want a stronger alternative to those flimsy nylon frames to keep you longer in the air?
If you answer yes to any of those, then the Fractal 65 was designed for you!

This Fractal65 kit uses the weBLEEDfpv The Crown whoop frame for its ducts.

  • The lifecycle of this craft started back in 2018 already, right around when brushless 0603 powertrains appeared and started looking like a solid next step in 65mm whoop class
  • Back then I entered the class with a UR65, and although it flew great compared to any other canopy whoop I’ve tried before, something was still off…
  • The nylon frame didn’t seem to hold up very well to the added weight and power from the brushless era design.
  • It needed to improve on 2 main factors; rigidity and weight.
  • So I went to work and came up with the first revision of the project, based on the CrazybeeF3 board and 0603 spinners.
  • Basically an UR65 powertrain on a carbon frame with individual ducts and 3D printed parts
  • And while it was great for my basher use, the weight, at 23g wasn’t quite up to my standard…so the project fell off, waiting for better hardware to support the idea…
  • For almost 3 years I kept flying the first revision occasionally until Happymodel released the right hardware that would make it all possible this time…
  • You may think there isn’t much to it, that I’m just pulling it out of my arse, but trust me, there is lots of R&D and testing that went into it; I wouldn’t have released it otherwise.
  • This frame was designed to the lightest it could, where it could, without compromising strength, where it needed it the most, in true aerospace engineering fashion.

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  • 65mm diagonal, squished X geometry, for 31mm props
  • 1.5mm Carbon Fiber / Individual Nylon ducts hybrid construction
  • Low-profile camera mount, no props in view, no tilt offset
  • Low Center of Gravity, by bringing the AIO closer to the frame/motors
  • Allows mounting with USB pointing up for easy accelerometer calibration
  • No need for a canopy as all electronics are tucked safely between the ducts
  • Maximum rigidity where it matters most; connecting the motors to the FC
  • Easy maintenance, break one duct, replace only the single duct
  • Lightweight, less than 19.5g with HM DiamondF4


  • Weight: 36.00 g
  • Dimensions: 105 × 95 × 32 mm
  • Ducts F65: The Crown Blue, The Crown Clear, The Crown Purple
  • Carbon Fiber: F65 Bottom Plate 1.5mm
  • Screw Kit: Fractal 65 Screw Kit
  • TPU: F65 300mAh 1S x 2

FEA optimization, ensuring the stress gets spread out across the whole structure without concentrations


  • 1x Fractal 65 Base Plate
  • 1x Nylon frame (used by trimming the ducts off)
  • 2x Printed TPU fixations (camera, front and rear battery mounts)
  • 14x M1.4x5mm steel machine screw for motors
  • 4x M1.7x5mm self-threading screw for short board grommets
  • 4x M1.7x7mm self-threading screw for long board grommets