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NewBeeDrone AcroBee75 HD O3 Canopy

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NewBeeDrone AcroBee75 HD O3 Canopy


This Canopy is designed to work with the cockroach75 frame only. (perfectly fit with Cockroach75 frame. Cockroach65 is too small for carrying O3 unit)

Design idea: We design this canopy base on two principle. The weight and the structure strength.  We always want the strongest at the same time the lightest, but realistically it is impossible to have both. We test multiple designs and this final one end up at 1.93g with Nylon9 material. We are still exploring better design and material including CNC Aluminum etc. The reason that we use SLS 3D print is because we can increase iteration efficiency so we can keep exploring new design and get it better. 

Fitting mount with drone frame: 25.5mm x 25.5mm (typical whoop flight controller mount)
Made method: SLS 3D printed
Material: Nylon
Weight: 1.93g

PLEASE NOTE: This canopy was designed to fit and work with the newbeedrone cockroach75 frame only. This is NOT a universal canopy and may not work with other micro whoop frames By buying this camera mount, you agree that we cannot guarantee fitment with other frame. Returns will not be accepted for fitment issues with other setup.