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RaceDayQuads 2205 2450kv BadAss Racing Motor by BrotherHobby

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An affordable motor that doesn't suck! This budget minded racing and freestyle motor is, well, badass! From BrotherHobby is our version of the Returner R2 motor. With a 2205 stator and 2450kv though, they still pack loads of power! Combine this with their light weight, and they're perfect for those who want to rip on light builds (think 280g range), or learn and get into the hobby on anything up to about a 280mm quad. These motors also have AL7075, a hard and durable aluminum which is special ordered and specific to our verison of this motor! It offers increased durability and thread strength, so you can crash these motors with confidence!

Looking for replacement motor bells?

These motors will allow you to learn the hobby at an affordable cost, or simply to fly at an affordable cost! After ripping on these, moving to more powerful motors like the EMAX 2306 2750's or the T-Motor Tiger F80 2500kv's will be a natural step up. These Beginner motors are a great blend of efficiency and do not draw many amps, so they pair well with our Spedix 20a ESCS's. Lastly, we suggest the Cyclone V2's or RaceKraft 5040's with this motor. These are two of our favorite props, and they will make full use of the motor's abilities.


  • 7075 Aluminum for increased durability
  • Able to fly on 3s or 4s batteries
  • 0.2mm stator utilizing Kawasaki silicon steel
  • 20 AWG wire
  • N52H arm magnets
  • Japanese NSK 3x8x4mm Bearings
  • 26g weight - relatively light compared to many other motors 

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