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Raggio Lungo 6" Long Range FPV Frame

  • $99.99

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** These are the newest version that fits 7'' props with a full sized Hero **

Includes a Hero Session 3D printed GoPro mount.

Raggio Lungo

Long range, redefined. 

Designed by SFPV.

Falcon Multirotors collaborated on every aspect of this frame with Colby Curtola, AKA SFPV. Colby wanted the ultimate long-range 6" quad, and they spent countless hours hashing out every possible detail to make it a reality. It supports 7” props as well with the GoPro Session mount. 

Who says big frames have to be ugly?

Raggio was designed to be an effective long-range workhorse, but we didn’t want to sacrifice function for form. Raggio's unique arms and camera mounts will make you proud to put the Raggio on your mantle after a hard day of flying. Imagine if a Lamborghini and a stealth attack helicopter had a baby; while that might be the stuff of beautiful nightmares, we think it would come out looking something like Raggio.

Multiple HD mount options

Although Raggio was designed specifically for the GoPro Hero 6, we also offer a mount for the more common GoPro Session. With a mount that printed with the grain vertically and a unique carbon plate sandwich that secures the TPU mount to the frame, your HD cam will never come off in a crash.

Roomy or lowrider, you choose.

Raggio ships with both 15 and 20mm standoffs, so you can slam your build with an AIO board or go roomy for stacks that include larger components.

In both configurations, Raggio has ample room for a Mach 2 and Crossfire, with no smashing or sandwiching required.

Not afraid to accessorize.

A host of accessories, such as booties, battery protectors, GoPro mounts, antenna mounts, and more are all available on Thingiverse.


Wheelbase 300mm
Prop size 6"
Weight 150g
Arm Dimensions 4.5mm thick, 10mm wide
Stack height 15mm or 20mm



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