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Runcam Micro Swift 2 Camera 2.1mm or 2.3mm Lens

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The Runcam Micro Swift 2 FPV Camera is the world's smallest and lightest CCD camera. Weighing a mere 5.60 grams (0.20 ounces), it is lighter than most camera lenses! And, it does all of this while still offering the same superb video quality that Runcam and the Runcam Swift has become known for. 

What's New in V2?

The Runcam Swift 2 offers one-touch scene optimization and an OSD. So, no need to change settings for different flight environments and you can quickly reference the on-screen display to see what's happening with your quad.

User Manual

Runcam Micro Swift Camera Specs

World's Smallest FPV Camera

Runcam Swift Family of Products


  • 1 X Camera
  • 1 X 1.25mm 3pin to 1.25mm 3pin FPV silicone cable
  • 1 X 1.25mm 3pin to 1.0mm 3pin FPV silicone cable

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