Sequre SQ-A110 Industrial Grade 110W Adjustable AC Soldering Iron

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Finally a decent, simple, adjustable Soldering Iron that plugs into the wall. Small and easy to handle with a 3 key interface, it can wake from auto-sleep and reheat in 8 seconds! A great choice for a traditional wand iron to leave on the bench.

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  • Small size, three key design, powerful function.
  • Fast temperature recovery, heating speed 8 seconds.
  • High quality heating body, high platinum temperature sensitivity.
  • Two display temperature modes (Celsius, Fahrenheit).
  • With sleep function to save energy and LED indicate sleep state.
  • Microcomputer temperature compensation value, temperature error less than plus or minus 5 degrees.
  • High insulation, soft touch power cord.
  • Digital display, clear content at a glance.
  • Memory mode function.
  • Handle is made of special high temperature resistant material and ESD anti-static treatment.
  • Equipped with black diamond solder tip, it has strong tin loading capacity and fast heat transfer speed.      


  • Temperature  range: 100-500 ° C (212-932 ° F)  
  •  Power supply: 110V ~ 240V
  • Grounding impedance of welding nozzle: < 2 Ω
  •  Ground voltage of welding nozzle: < 2mv
  • Dimension (about): 236mm (length)  x  23.6mm (maximum diameter)  / 9.29in (length)  x 0.93in (maximum diameter)  


  • 1x  SQ-A110 Intelligent constant temperature electric soldering iron
  • 1x Thick Large 900M-T-K
  • 1x Metal Soldering Frame
  • 1x Instructions