Spidey FPV 5" Racing Frame

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The Spidey 5" Race Frame! The name comes from the top plate, which looks like a weaved spider web. Also, it comes from how you will be weaving in and out of flags and gates with this frame! Most suitable for a light weight rig with a Micro Camera

Swap arms with the included wrench without taking off your stack! Get replacement arms here. 

Okay, time to get technical.

  • Weight: 48g Arms- 4mm
  • Bottom plate- 2mm
  • Top Plate- 1.5mm
  • Washer- 1.5mm
  • Wrench- 2mm
  • 25mm standoffs
  • Includes a 3D printed micro cam mount

You may think the crew and carbon washer on the bottom of the frame rip batteries to shreds, but it does not! After 2-3 months of testing no batteries were hurt after being ejected. If it worries you, simply use a TPU battery protector.