XRotor HobbyWing 1306 Racing Motor - 4000kv - Set of 2 Motors

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***This is for a set of 2 motors***

HobbyWing knows how  to make quality products and when we got word of them breaking into the micro class, we had to get them in stock! 

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Xrotor 2450 brushless motor

  • Super thin disc-type structure with a low center of gravity guarantees better control feel.
  • Concave anti-skid teeth together with the lock-up screw at the bottom effectively prevent rotor
    from moving or losing and strengthens reliability of the motor.
  • One-piece eight-bladed centrifugal fan greatly reduces the operating temperature of the motor.
  • Super light weight
  • Top Quality Components - Special 240℃ heat-resistant windings (after vacuum dip coating treatment) can stand high, surge current.
  • N54 super magnets guarantee high torque output.
  • Super thin (0.2mm) silicon sheets imported from Japan guarantee low (power) loss, less heat generation but high magnetic permeability.
  • Dedicated 4mm bearings (the thickness is enlarged by 33% comparing to the regular 3mm bearings on the market) imported from Japan guarantee great load-bearing capacity and impact-resistance.


  • LiPo Cell: 4s
  • Max Continuous Current / Power : -
  • Stator Diameter/Thickness: -
  • Slot/Plot Count: -
  • Motor/Shaft Diameter: -
  • Motor Length (w/o, w/ Shaft): -
  • Best match w/ Xrotor Micro 4in1 12A or above
  • Weight: -
P/N 30405305 30405306
 KV 4000 4500
No-Load Current(A/10V) 1.2A 1.4A
Motor Resistance 0.062Ω 0.047Ω
Prop. type
5045 3-bladed Prop.
6040 2-bladed Prop.
5045 3-bladed Prop.
6040 2-bladed Prop.

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