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ZOHD PNP Drift FPV Plane - Dark Breeze Edition

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The Dark Breeze Edition looks great and is the perfect choice for relaxed FPV flying. This PNP version is glue-free and portable, with detachable wings and a tail boom. With its stylish "stealthy" look, it's easy to hand launch. This new stealthy Dark Breeze Edition is a great addition to your FPV lineup!  When the ZOHD Drift was planned, there were some very specific goals in mind, but the most important one was to make it easy to fly. It allows anyone to start flying right out of the gate, even beginners. The Drift is ultra-light and very durable, so it will survive "not-so-perfect" landings. The PNP package includes the ZOHD DRIFT plane PNP with pre-installed motor, ESC, servos, propeller, and hardware. There is a hole in the nose for your FPV camera, and there is also space in the belly for a receiver and other electronics.

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  • Sub 250g!
  • Being lightweight will be safe to fly anywhere, anytime. You’re avoiding the hassle of an FPV registration.
  • Dedicated equipment bay for FPV Camera, Flight Controller  (ZOHD  Kopilot  Lite), and GPS.
  • Detachable main wing and tail boom, glue-free assembly, portable for outdoor flying.
  • Built-in CF rods in the ailerons will give precision and sharp action to your inputs.
  • A specially designed H-girder for the main wing makes it super solid and tough.
  • The optimized air-cooling design will keep your gear safe from overheating.
  • Durable EPP material, built-in CF spar for enhancement, crash resistant.
  • The nose camera bay is compatible with all FPV and AIO cameras.
  • Super easy to hand launch and slow fly, agile and accurate in control.
  • Built-in CF strip inside the fuselage for extra enhancement.
  • New Dark Breeze Edition with “stealth” appearance.
  • Large battery bay for extended flight time.


    • Item Name: DRIFT(Dark Breeze Edition)
    • Wingspan: 877mm (34.52'')
    • Material: HighQuality EPP
    • Length: 688mm (27.08'')
    • Brand Name: ZOHD
    • Version: PNP


    • Motor: 1406-2600KV
    • ESC: 30A w/5V 2A BEC
    • Servos: 4.3gx2, 8gx1
    • Propeller: 2 blade 5x5
    • Recommended Battery: Lipo 2S 900-1500mAh or ZOHD Lionpack18650 2S1P 3500mAh
    • ForSub250g Configuration:PNP+Lipo 2S 900mAh battery+Kopilot Lite+VC400 Camera


    • Motor: 1406-2600KV
    • ESC: 30A w/5V 2A BEC
    • Servos: 4.3gx2, 8gx1
    • Propeller: 3 blade3x5x3
    • Recommended Battery: Lipo 3S 800-1100mAh
    • For Sub250g Configuration:PNP+Lipo 3S 800mAh battery+Kopilot Lite+VC400 Camera


    • 1x ZOHD PNP Drift FPV Plane - Dark Breeze Edition