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NeutronRC AT32F435 2-6S 20x20 / 30x30 Flight Controller

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Searching for high performance at a low price? Look no further - the NeutronRC AT32F435 Flight Controller is here! Mounting pattern of 20x20/30.5x30.5mm. Betaflight requires a custom target; soon you can update directly from NeutronRC. Suitable for experienced pilots - the tech-savvy flight enthusiast's dream!

The AT32F4 doesn’t just offer better bang for your buck compared to the standard STM32 MCU; it blasts the competition right out of the sky. It delivers performance that rivals the STM32 F4, and comes tantalisingly close to matching the STM32 F7. And the best part? It does all this without making your wallet weep.

This flight controller runs Betaflight. Yes, it requires a custom target for now, but don’t let that make your propellers droop. Betaflight 4.5 is on the horizon, and it should support the AT32 based flight controller natively. All you need is a dash of patience, and you’ll soon be receiving firmware updates directly from NeutronRC.

Please note, that official support will be added to Betaflight soon, for now you will need to download the firmware release and config tools.

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    • Advanced MCU: Uses a powerful AT32F435CGU7 MCU, boasting a speed of 288M Hz and a 1MB Flash.
    • Exceptional Stability: Integrates a BMI270 gyro driver for superior gyro calibration.
    • Connectivity Options: Offers five Uarts (1,2,3,5,7) and one l2C.
    • High-Quality Components: Uses the FD6288 3in1 driver and an 8-layer 20Z, 2-order blind via PCB.


    • MCU: AT32F435SE 
    • Input voltage: 2-6S
    • Mounting Size: 20x20 or 30x30
    • Gyro: BMI270
    • Baro: DPS310
    • OSD: MAX7456
    • 1x UC
    • 5x Uarts  (1,2,3,5,7)
    • USB Type-C
    • Firmware: NEUTRONRCF435SE

    Important Notes

    • Latest RC Betaflight/ATBetaflight firmware could be found HERE
    • Target is NEUTRONRCF435SE
    • For now ONLY use betaflight configurator BETA to be found HERE
    • future Betaflight 4.5.X to start support AT32 natively soon 
    • for ESC Conf. use web ESC Config. found HERE
    • For firmware flashing, Zadig driver needs to be installed HERE 
    • USB Virtual Driver HERE 
    • CLI W BMI270 Clean build with RPM filters DSHOT300: 


    • 1x NeutronRC AT32F435 2-6S 20x20 / 30x30 Flight Controller