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NeutronRC Mini F405 2-6S 20x20 / 30x30 Flight Controller

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Introducing the NEUTRONRC F405 Mini FC 20x20/30.5x30.5 Hold Flight Controller: a cutting-edge marvel! It offers an ultra-responsive control mechanism and a BMI270 Gyro for smooth maneuvers. Plus, it fits 20x20 and 30x30 setups, and offers OSD for real-time flight data. All this, at an affordable price - grab your NEUTRONRC F405 now and turn the sky into your playground!

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    • Flexible mounting options: Adapts to 20×20 or 30×30 configurations, making it a perfect fit for any FPV setup.
    • Powered by STM32 F405 MCU: Guarantees rapid and seamless control response for all your aerial stunts.
    • Advanced BMI270 Gyro: Lets your drone glide smoothly, turning the wind into your dance floor.
    • Onboard OSD: Stay on top of real-time flight data and take total control of your flight experience.
    • Pocket-Friendly: Offers high-end performance without breaking the bank, ensuring everyone can fly high.


    • MCU: STM32F405RG
    • Gyro: ICM-42688
    • OSD: AT7456E (SPI2)
    • Blackbox: 16M Flash (SP3)
    • Input voltage: 2-6S
    • Mounting Size: 20x20 or 30x30
    • USB Type-C
    • Baro: Infineon DPS310(12CI)
    • MAG: QMC5883(12CI)
    • Support Betaflight (NEUTRONRCF407)
    • Daul BEC: 5V 2.5A (Max 3A) &12V 2.5A(Max 3A)
    • Current sensor (Scale 100) & Voltage sensor (Scale 110)
    • 4x LEDs for Bat,5V,3.3V,FC Start
    • SH1.0-6pin, DJI/Vista/O3 socket
    • SH1.0-8pin, ESC socket
    • 5x Uarts (1,2,3,4,6) & 1x 12IC


      • 1x NeutronRC Mini F405 2-6S 20x20 / 30x30 Flight Controller