XCaliber3D Broadsword X-Class Racing Frame

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This is the Broadsword X-Class Race Frame! Practical, Light, Durable, and Fast!! 

It uses a Stretch X configuration, to help move the extra weight along the roll axis for fast, tighter cornering. We decided on TPU arm clamps to eliminate vibrations into the main body and the HD/ FPV cam. Color options are endless. You will receive 1 micro and 1 full size cam mount so your not limited to a specific cam size.

Using 25mm round carbon tubing, keeps price down so you can still fly a high end frame without digging into your wallet. Although we offer different size TPU clamps and the clamp spacing is very universal, if you wanted to upgrade to Hex arms and metal clamps you have that option. Our arms lock with a thru hole to both main plates to prevent any arm rotation, so motors will always be in correct position. All arms come pre-cut to 425mm and drilled for lock bolt. 

Lipo plate will accept batteries in normal orientation or 2 in toilet tank configuration.

Rear of the frame can hold a 4s lipo if you want to power your stack, or LED's separate, from your main power.

Lower body plate can mount a blue seas bus bar, or any 30x30 board, in moutiple locations as well as up to 2 boards. Upper plate can hold two 30x30 boards and has pass thru into the mid section it also has 20x20 mounting options.

Carbon used is 4k twill weave, with a 3mm thickness. on main body plates. 2mm thickness on motor mount and lower motor clamp spacer.

(All Pre-orders will receive HD mount free, and Arm ends (they keep dirt from getting in the arm, and look sweet!) as well as vtx antenna mounts.

Frame motor to motor (diagonal): 800mm

Frame weight: 780g dry

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