FPV Cycle 2203 2800Kv Micro Motor - Black

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FPV Cycle changed the game with this truly unique 2203 sized motor. It combines a small 12x12 footprint with a wide stator to generate a sizable amount of thrust compared to most micro motors. If you want a smooth lightweight motor that packs a punch, then this is the motor for you.

This motor is specifically designed for 3” ducted whoop, 4” anything, 5” light blade and low general AUW for 5” quads.

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  • 0.15mm Kawasaki High performance laminations
  • N52SH ARC magnets
  • 3mm grade 5 titanium internal shaft C clip retention (much lower weight)|
  • M5 grade 5 titanium prop shaft
  • 3x8x4mm 693zz Japan ISC Custom bearings
  • 7075-T6 aluminum casing
  • 260℃ enamel coated single wrap oxygen-free copper windings
  • Bearing saver damping washer under bell/on top of bearing
  • Tuned steel flux ring


  • Kv Rating: 2800
  • Stator Size: 2203
  • Shaft Size: 5mm
  • Mounting pattern: 12x12mm, M2  (not flush mount)
  • Weight: 23g with ~160mm length wires, 19g with short cut wires


  • 1x FPV Cycle 2203 2800Kv Motor - Black