BetaFPV 1S LiPo/LiHV Whoop Battery USB Charger - Choose BT2.0 or PH2.0

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What a convenient product! This charger is tailored for 300mAh 1S battery. Not only a charger, but also a cell voltage tester! Thanks to the on-board LCD display. The charge current is up to 1A, which improved its efficiency and shorted the charging time. Be sure to choose BT2.0 or PH2.0!

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BT2.0 Not sure if it's worth to switch BT2.0? Check more from Joshua Bardwell's video. Proof that BT2.0 connector is better than PH 2.0


  • Designer for either BT2.0 or PH2.0 batteries (choose version)
  • Supports to charge two batteries at the same time, its charging current has upgraded from 0.5A to 1A, which makes the charge speed increase to 2 times.
  • Ingenious design of USB input, it is very convenient for charging. Compatible with mobile phone adapter, computer, etc.
  • Have two functions of testing voltage and charging in one, compact and easy to carry.


Power-on state

  • OUT1/OUT2 can be charged simultaneously
  • Input : USB-5V/2A
  • Output : 4.35V/1A
  • The red light indicates charging, and the green light indicates full charged

    Power-off state

    • OUT1 can be used as battery tester while OUT2 does not possess any function


    • Model: 1S Battery Voltage Checker 
    • Plugs: BT2.0 or PH.20
    • Voltage: Works with regular and HV battery packs
    • Voltage cut off: DC 2.45-4.70V
    • Voltage range: DC 2.50-4.70V(1S)
    • LCD: Red
    • Weight: 15.35g
    • Dimensions: 66.3*23.6*14.4mm
    • Working tem: -20~75℃
    • Storage tem: -25~85℃


        • 1x Battery Charger and Voltage Tester (BT2.0 or PH2.0)