STRIX Nano Goblin High Performance FPV Plank Kit

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In a market filled with compromises in fixed wing FPV designs, STRIX RC breaks this trend with the Nano Goblin. It is an endeavor to design an aircraft without flaws. If you design something that has inherent stability, it may not be efficient. A design might be exceedingly fast, but also prone to tip stalls at slower speeds. The list goes on and on. When an aircraft design is done right, and the best attributes collide, it becomes legendary. The Nano Goblin is straightforward to launch, steady in winds, extraordinarily efficient, and unwilling to drop a wing in a stall. One glance over the specifications list for the Nano Goblin and you will realize that this aircraft is truly one of a kind!

We also carry the Nano Goblin PNP and the full size Goblin as a PNP and as a kit