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Laminating Film by the Foot - Choose Your Thickness

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Thickness: 1.5Mil
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May need to be folded to fit in package.  If you prefer it rolled up and not creased, contact customer support for options.

Quality glossy laminating film cut from a 25-27" wide roll and sold by the foot. (Max section length is 10ft, for handling)

Laminating your foam aircraft parts adds increases impact resistance, rigidity and overall lifespan. 

Thinner films are recommended for covering compound curves or complex shapes, while the thicker films are great for adding durability to large flat surfaces and leading edges.

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Temp Range

  • 1.5Mil: 260-270°F
  • 1.7Mil: 230-250°F
  • 3Mil: 230-250°F
  • 5Mil: 260-270°F
  • 10Mil: 230-250°F


  • 1'x 25" Wide Laminate Film