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VCI Hobby 2808 1350Kv Motor

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Vulcan Innovation bringing you the VCI 2808 motors featuring an innovative bell design! Durable - Powerful - Ready to Rip!

Experience the future of motor technology with Vulcan Innovation. Elevate your FPV experience and be part of the elite. Welcome to a new era of speed and precision.

Vulcan Innovation stands as a beacon of excellence in motor manufacturing, boasting a team of engineers whose expertise rivals the most seasoned professionals in the industry. While they may be a new brand, they are far from new to the realms of design, engineering, and manufacturing.

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  • With its 12S14P configuration and 60mO internal resistance, this model has strong, dependable thrust.
  • The ø28xL8mm stator and N52SH arc magnets provide a smooth and satisfying flight experience.
  • Weighing in at 72.4g and boasting a max instantaneous power of 1109.76W, it's ready to be sent!


  • Kv rating: 1350Kv
  • Configuration: 12S14P
  • Internal Resistance: 60mO
  • Shaft Length: 15.6mm
  • Rated Voltage: 6S (24V)
  • Peak Current: 46.24A
  • Idle Current(10V): 1.0A
  • Magnets: N52SH arc
  • Stator Size: ø28xL8mm
  • Dimensions: ø37xL41.9mm
  • Shaft Diameter: M5
  • Mounting holes: 19x19 φ3mm
  • Silicone Wire: 18AWG 300mm
  • Max Instanteous Power: 1109.76W
  • Weight (including Cable): 72.4g


  • 1x VCI 2808 1350Kv Motor