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BetaFPV F4 20A V1 2-3S AIO Whoop/Toothpick Flight Controller (w/ 20A 8Bit 4in1 ESC) - ELRS 2.4GHz (UART)

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The BetaFPV V1 F4 2-3S AIO is the perfect choice for modern Whoop/Toothpick builds. Featuring an F4 AIO Flight Controller and 20A 4-in-1 ESC with ELRS serial, this setup guarantees smooth, consistent performance.  It features a dual BEC solution that delivers stable power outputs of 9V@2A for DJI O3 and 5V@3A for external devices. With a 20A ESC, it enables agile flight and increases dynamic. And connector for DJI O3 HD VTX and USB port for easy installation and maintenance. Ideal for HD VTX whoop enthusiasts, offering a heightened level of professionalism and convenience with this FC option.

Note: If you use the F4 2-3S 20A AIO FC V1, the serial port of the SBUS receiver is UART5

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  • Designed for HD VTX, it features a dual 9V@2A for DJI O3 and 5V@3A for external device BEC solution to prevent screen blackout on the DJI O3 due to low voltage during throttle increase.
  • It includes a new DJI O3 6-pin PMU for easy installation without soldering, reducing assembly complexity. Newbie friendly.
  • The power range of 2-3S provides increased thrust and improved control with a 20A ESC featuring a single NMOS for continuous current capability.
  • The upgraded onboard receiver allows selective power cutoff for saving power and offers additional UART TX3 and RX3 ports for connecting the external device.
  • The redesigned solder pad layout ensures larger, more secure pads for easy and reliable soldering, while the relocated USB port at the rear facilitates computer tuning.
  • It features an STM32F405RGT6 chip, Integrate Serial ELRS 2.4G receiver, 16M black box, barometer, current meter, reserve 3 complete serial ports and a standard SBUS, support GPS, HD VTX, external receiver, and other equipment.

F4 2-3S 20A AIO FC V1 also has extended the USB port to the end for easier parameter adjustment and wiring. And a new DJI O3 6-pin PMU has been added for convenient installation and maintenance.

Power cutoff: Removing the chip bead disconnects the power supply, and to reuse the onboard ELRS receiver, soldering the solder pads together restores power.

UART3 release: Removing two resistors on the solder pads releases UART3. The left side is TX3, and the right side is RX3. To reconnect, solder the solder pads together when reusing the onboard ELRS receiver.

Voltage Switch: The HD VTX connector defaults to 9V. The chip bead is soldered between the 9V pad and the middle pad. To use WalkSnail Avatar HD mini 1s and Lite, please ensure the power supply voltage is 5V. Remove the chip bead first from the 9V pad and solder it between the middle pad and the 5V pad. Alternatively, you can use solder instead the chip bead to switch between the 5V and 9V pads.

Motor choice: Avoid selecting motors with excessively high KV ratings, as motors above 20,000KV are prone to burn.

Betaflight Firmware and CLI

FC firmware: Betaflight_4.4.1_BETAFVF405

Download the firmware and CLI dump file

Reference link:

ESC Firmware
With BB51 ESC solution, F4 2-3S 20A AIO FC V1 is based on BLHeliSuite16714903 with Bluejay ESC firmware, it supports bidirectional D-shot and RPM filtering in Betaflight, offers 24KHz, 48KHz, and 96KHz fixed PWM frequency for options, and custom start-up melodies. F4 2-3S 20A AIO FC V1 default factory setting is 48KHz and it doesn’t recommend upgrading the 96KHz, or it might cause an error in the motor idle setting, not spinning when disarmed.

DO NOT flash the firmware with a shorter interval, otherwise, there will be a certain chance of stalling and burning the flight controller.


Download BLHeliSuite16714903

Download the Bluejay ESC firmware. Please choose C_X_70.HEX

Connecting External Devices
Please note that the board reserves two serial ports and a standard SBUS port, which is available for the external CRSF protocol receiver or GPS module, and SBUS protocol receiver. You can refer to the below picture.


  • Weight: 5.58g (without motor connectors and power cable), 5.92g (with motor connectors)
  • Mounting Hole Size26mm x 26mm
  • CPU*STM32F405RGT6 (168MHz)
  • Six-AxisICM42688P (SPI connection)
  • RXSerial ELRS 2.4G Receiver
  • RX firmware versionBETAFPV AIO 2400 RX ELRS V2.5.2
  • AntennaEnameled wire
  • Blackbox Memory16MB
  • SensorBarometer(BMP280),  Voltage&Current
  • 5V BEC*5V 3A@8V supply
  • 9V BEC*9V 2A@8V supply
  • USB PortSH1.0 4-Pin
  • Built-in ESC with 20A continuous and peak 25A current
  • ESC input voltage: 2-3S
  • FC firmfware versionBetaflight_4.4.1_BETAFPVF405
  • ESC firmware: C_X_70_48_V0.19.2.hex for BB51 Bluejay hardware
  • Signal support: D-shot300, D-shot600


  • 1x BetaFPV V1 F4 2-3S AIO Whoop/Toothpick Flight Controller (w/ 20A 8Bit 4in1 ESC) - ELRS Serial

Wiring Diagram