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CNHL SpeedyPizza 14.8V 4S 600mAh 120C LiPo Battery - XT30

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Check out the CNHL Pizza Series 600mAh 14.8V 4S 120C Lipo Battery with XT30.

The perfect pack may be a pie in the sky but this pack is pretty darn close!

Check out our selection of 4S batteries, and all our CNHL products


    • Nominal Voltage: 14.8V
    • Cells: 4
    • Capacity: 600mAh
    • Discharge Rate (Cont./Burst): 120C/240C
    • Max Charge Rate:  5C 
    • Dimensions: 31.5x17x70mm
    • Discharge Lead: XT30
    • Balance lead JST-XH
    • Weight: 67g
    • Wire Size (AWG): 18#


    • 1x CNHL SpeedyPizza 14.8V 4S 600Ah 120C LiPo Battery - XT30