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NewBeeDrone BNF AcroBee75 BLV4 2S HD 75mm Whoop w/ DJI O3 Air Unit & Micro Cam - ELRS 2.4GHz

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Introducing the smallest HD whoop with the DJI O3 currently on the market. This amazing 75mm quadcopter comes with the elite DJI O3 Air Unit and O3 Micro Cam, and the new BeeBrain BLV4 HD F7 AIO flight controller. Achieve sharper HD capture with amazing quality with O3 Air Unit. Boasting powerful 0804 12000kv dual ball bearings motors, despite its small size, this thing will rip! 

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Explore and film spaces you never could before in HD! A must-have tool for professionals and hobbyists specializing in indoor space.

The only HD Micro whoop board with F7 processor. Dual-bearing motors allow less friction in spinning while 3-blade Azi propellors were developed with engineering theory for optimal air-grab and stability. We master-tuned this drone to have the smoovest flight and absolutely no jello in any videos. 

We found the best ratio between the size of drone and its weight distribution. Without DJI O3, the drone can fly up to 8 minutes. Up to 3 minutes with DJI O3 and battery. Choose between 3D printed battery mounts or strap.  

We ensure that you get the best material and components  that are available so you can rely on the drone without troubleshooting or breaking. All parts are available separately as replacements. Additional flexibility with SLS Nylon prints allow cameras to be changed or updated if needed. 

Assembly or tuning not required. Save time and energy so you can focus on your footage. Drone comes with built-in ExpressLRS and ready to pair. Built-in blackbox records data for tuning. Configure to DJI PNP on Betaflight if needed. Don't be afraid of messing up on customization. Reset to factory default (with our tunes and dump files) in one click if something is not right.


  • Drone Size: 75mm
  • Flight Controller: BeeBrain BLV4 HD F7 Flight Controller ExpressLRS (ELRS) 2.4G
  • Frame: Cockroach75 Brushless Frame
  • Motors: Flow 0804 12000kv Double Ball Bearing Brushless Motor
  • Propellesr: Azi (Tri-Blade) Micro Propellers 40mm - 1.0mm Shaft
  • HD VTX & Camera: DJI O3 Air Unit
  • Canopy: NewBeeDrone Acrobee75 HD O3 Canopy
  • Total Weight without battery: 70.19g
  • Total Weight with battery: 98.24g

BeeBrain BLV4 HD F7 Flight Controller ELRS2.4G Specifications:

  • MCU: STM32F745
  • ESC Firmware: S-H-40 - Bluejay, 0.19.2, 48kHz.
  • ESC Specifications: 4 channel 12A ESC
  • ESC Connector: JST-1.0 3Pin
  • Weight: 6.6 grams (including antennas and battery connector)
  • Size: Outer dimensions 29 x 29 x 7.6 mm
  • Holes: 25.5 x 25.5 mm
  • Battery input: 2S
  • Connector: XT30
  • Internal Blackbox: 16MB
  • Gyro: BMI270
  • UART1: SBUS on DJI Connector (RX only)
  • UART2: TX & RX for internal ExpressLRS 3.0 receiver
  • UART3: TX & RX for DJI MSP+Displayport
  • Flight time with Tattu 450mAh 2S battery is 3:00min (at 7v) 



  • 1x NewBeeDrone BNF AcroBee75 BLV4 2S HD 75mm w/ DJI O3 Air Unit & Micro Cam - ELRS 2.4GHz