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Quadifier Diamondback Pro Type F O3 5" Frame Kit - Choose your version

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The Quadifier Diamondback PRO TYPE F is not your ordinary 5-inch freestyle frame; it's a precision-engineered masterpiece designed to look fierce and perform with unmatched prowess in the air. This frame is like a finely honed katana, slicing through the atmosphere and any challenges it encounters effortlessly. Now the beast has accpeted DJI O3. The Diamondback PRO TYPE F O3 comes with TPU mounts for the air unit and antenna. This is also the first O3 frame with 20mm standoffs thanks to a unique O3 camera mounting system, giving it super stable flight characteristics. The use of 20mm standoffs offers exceptional stability that transforms every flight into a thrilling and unforgettable experience. When you want a frame that combines style, precision, and power, and a caked up booty for DJI O3, the Diamondback PRO TYPE F O3 is the ultimate choice.

"That thing is gnarly"

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  • Designed for 20x20 and 30x30 stacks
  • Has 20x20 and 25.5x25.5 mounting in the back for any HD vtx of your liking.
  • Squish X for smaller size and better gopro shots
  • Gopro mounts available
  • Fits DJI O3 camera
  • Plate mounted XT60 (included)
  • TPU O3 airunit mount with optional screws included
Quadifier Diamondback 5" Pro Type F O3 Frame Kit


  • Stack Mounting: 20x20, 30x30 
  • VTX Mounting: 20x20, 25.5x25.5
  • 5mm arms
  • Camera Mount: O3 camera
  • Weight: 130g, 150g with arm guards


  • Quadifier Diamondback 5" Pro Type F O3 Frame Kit - Choose your version
  • Hardware
  • TPU DJI O3 camera mount
  • TPU DJI O3 antenna mount
  • TPU DJI O3 air unit mount