Camera/VTX Combos & AIOs

VTX Combo & Walksnail HD Micro Camera For Sale
Walksnail HD Micro Camera & VTX Combo For Sale

Walksnail Avatar HD Micro Camera & VTX Kit (Compatible w/ Fat Shark Dominator HD)


The Micro Camera and VTX Combo for Fat Shark Dominator HDO3 are provided by WalkSnail.  The video transmitter for the Fat Shark Dominator HD Goggle...

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VTX Combo & Walksnail HD Nano Camera
Walksnail HD Nano Camera & VTX Combo

Walksnail Avatar HD Nano Camera & VTX Kit (Compatible w/ Fat Shark Dominator HD)


The Walksnail HD Nano Camera & VTX Combo has arrived! The first of new generation of HD cameras and video transmitters, they feature lower late...

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Your video system is your way of getting information about what your drone is seeing. This makes the choice of a good camera and VTX combination a crucial choice for any FPV build. These all-in-one VTX camera combos are a perfect solution to this. Never have to worry about if you have the right items to make your build work when they come already packaged together. They also typically come with the added benefit of having a plug connector between the 2 so that you seldom need to even solder them together. We also have options for both analog and HD video, so there really is something for everyone!