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DaddyLovesQuads 8bit Nebula Toothpick 3" Micro Frame Kit - Standard

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DLQ labs designed this frame for 8bitchrist_fpv. I wanted to make him a signature frame 3" frame that was sleek and sexy, and could hold up to the abuse of an urban environment. Cut from 3mm 3K carbon fiber, it weighs in at 8.5g or 2.5mm (lite) 3K carbon fiber, weighing 6.9g.

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Standard Version:

  • 3mm carbon fiber unibody base plate
  • m2 steel mounting hardware
  • Supports whoop style Flight controllers and ESC's
  • Supports up to 3.1 inch propellers
  • 9mm and 12mm m2 motor mounts (11xx, 12xx, 13xx, 14xx)
  • Weighs approximately 8.4 grams


    • 1x Daddy Loves Quads 8bit Nebula 3" Toothpick Frame Kit - Choose Version
    • 3k Carbon Fiber frame
    • 4x 16mm M2 steel bolts (standard)
    • 4x 14mm M2 steel bolts (lite)
    • 4x m2 lock nuts
    • 4x m2 5mm nylon F-F standoff
    • 4x m2 nylon nuts