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Armattan 150mm Micro Battery Strap
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Armattan 150mm Micro Battery Strap


Micro strap suitable for the Armattan Tadpole frame and other micro quads. Check out the rest of our battery straps and all our Armattan products! ...

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Batteries are like the heart of your drone. Without it pumping volts into your system nothing would function. But not all quads are built equally, so neither should all batteries. These mini / micro-batteries are perfect for smaller drones that can't lift heavier batteries. They provide the same voltage as their larger counterparts but are lighter and smaller making them much more versatile. Perfect for smaller cinewhoops, weight-conscious builds, and anyone who wants a battery as adorable as a puppy. Whoops, toothpicks, and cinewhoops all agree, when you need power reach for a mini / micro battery. Get your next one right here at RaceDay Quads!