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FlyFishRC M10 Mini GPS Module

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The FlyFishRC M10 Mini GPS Module provides speedy and reliable performance with its small size. The ceramic patch antenna offers powerful reception and a stable connection while the UBLOX 10th generation chip allows for smooth operation, even with small altitude variations. With this GPS module, reliable navigation is easier than ever.

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  • Small size
  • Fast positioning speed
  • stable connection
  • Dual mode reception 
  • Weight: 2.4g
  • Manual Detail Click


  • GPS Module Protocol: Ublox/NMEA
  • Speed Accuracy: 0.05m/s
  • Cold Start: 3s
  • Hot Start: 1-3S
  • Tracking Sensitivity: -167dBm
  • Input Voltage: 3.3~5.5V (typical value 5V)
  • Maximum Altitude: 50000m
  • Maximum Speed: 500m/s
  • Maximum Acceleration: ≤4G
  • Baud Rate: 4800-115200bps (recommended 115200bps)
  • GPS Module Size: L16.2 x W12.3x H4.9mm
  • GPS Ceramic Size: 12x12mm
  • Weight: 2.4g (±0.5g)

Pin Layout:

  • VCC: System main power supply, voltage is 5V, current is about 40mA during operation
  • GND: Ground
  • RXD: Data input
  • TXD: Data output


  • 1x FlyFishRC M10 Mini GPS Module
  • 4x #30 Silicone Cable
  • 1x GPS Manual