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Flywoo Naked O3 Lite Air Unit (w/ Camera, VTX Module & Antennas)

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Flywoo designed the O3 Ultra CNC modification kit, reducing weight by 50% respectively. This enables micro-drones to unlock their video creation potential and improves visual and control experience. Pilots can enjoy high-definition real-time transmission and smooth control in tight spaces. The modification ensures stability and reliability, providing greater maneuverability and extended flight time. Flywoo aims to meet the demands of drone enthusiasts, delivering excellent visual and control experience. Included with this kit is the naked O3 camera, naked O3 Lite VTX, antenna, clear UV lens, and hardware. 

Overall, the Flywoo Naked O3 Lite/Ultra Air Unit is an excellent product for those who looking to shave off some weight from their DJI O3 Air Unit. There are 3D printed alternatives, but the ease of use, precision and robustness of CNC parts are probably better bets. The design is well thought-out, and the conversion process is straightforward.

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  • Equipped with high-definition real-time transmission and video recording functions, with the advantage of low latency transmission.
  • Lightweight, solves the weight problem of micro drones, reducing up to 37%~50% of weight.
  • Lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy fixed frame, sturdy and reliable.
  • Improves the control experience of micro drones and increases flight time. Can also create 4K high-definition videos in indoor or small spaces.


  • Product Dimensions:  21.2x20x17.9mm(CAM)/29.8x28.8x13.3mm (VTX)
  • Transmission Resolution:  1080/4K 120FPS
  • Product Model:  FLYWOO O3 LITE
  • Product Weight:  23.2g (O3 LITE)
  • Input Voltage: 7V-26V

Recommended (Not Included)


  • 1x Flywoo Naked O3 Lite Air Unit (w/ camera module & antennas)