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MultiGP Club Support

Give 5% of your order back to your local MultiGP club by using your club's code at checkout. More info:

RaceDayQuads flies at our local MultiGP chapter every single weekend. We know that this sport is, truly, about what happens every Saturday and Sunday at clubs across the world. It is here where lifetime friends are made, new hobbyists are introduced to the sport, gates are hit, and props are broken.

We want to give back in any way possible. 

As we grow, so too will our support for MultiGP. At the present time, RDQ is pleased to offer 5% of every sale to a local MultiGP club. All you must do is apply your club's code at checkout. You will not receive a discount, but your club will receive 5% of your order in cold hard cash. To receive a code, please contact your club leadership. If your club leadership is not enrolled and/or has not heard of the program, please direct them to this page. Club leadership must contact our website via "Contact Us" or Facebook at: to enroll the club and receive the club's code.

Funds will be paid to the clubs via Paypal or a check, and paid out any time it is requested by the club's leadership. Payouts are limited to most recent 12 months of sales using your code.  This program has been reviewed and approved by MultiGP.