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Today I'd like to formally announce our intent to challenge the NPRM, or any Remote ID rule which is unlawful or detrimental to the hobby, in court.

This week we will begin the interview process with lawyers who specialize in this area, and begin researching ways in which we can effectively challenge or inhibit Remote ID at this stage. We intend to issue the FAA a Threat of Suit, which will officially inform the FAA of our intention (RaceDayQuads, LLC v. FAA) should they pass any parts of the NPRM which we perceive as unconstitutional.

I am prepared to fight to the death of RDQ to win this, and if we must, we will escalate this to the highest court we can until we get an acceptable result.

I did announce our intention to do this at the UFDA protest in DC this past weekend, and following that many people asked how they can help.

For now, continue to fight the good fight because we can still make a difference before engaging in a costly legal battle. The intent here is to hit them from all sides so that we don't have to go to court with this. We've done well with the comments, now it is time for our committees and letters to our local congressmen to have positive effect. At the same time, we will research the issues and send a Threat of Suit, to clue them into what battles they could face in the courtroom.

Financially, RDQ will bear the brunt of the cost for as long as possible or as long as we think we can bear the total cost of the case. Taking a case to the Supreme Court, for example, will cost well over $1M. Should we get to the point we cannot bear the cost, or we think the overall cost to bring an effective case against the FAA will exceed what our finances allow, then we will start a GoFundMe or provide other ways to donate, and crowd source the effort. I don't think that will be necessary until we get closer to an actual court battle. For now, you can help us financially support the effort by just continuing to support us with your everyday purchases. If you have any connections to people or groups which could be beneficial in this impending case, please let me know.

I have no idea what the outcome of all of this will be, but I assure you we will not go down without one hell of a fight!