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BetaFPV BNF Pavo Pico HD 81mm Cinewhoop for DJI O3 (without O3 Unit) - ELRS 2.4GHz

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Please note that this version is a kit and does NOT come with an O3 air unit, O3 camera and SanDisk Card. 

The Pavo Pico is an all-new HD 80.8mm cinewhoop with 45mm props that is designed to be the smallest 2S-3S, sub100g,  DJI O3 carrying quad on the market! This ultra-light cinewhoop is not only equipped with the latest F4 2-3S 20A AIO FC V1 which greatly heightens the flying experience. The Pavo Pivo has a split design for HD VTX's , it supports quick installation of mainstream digital VTX's with a rubber damper design to help with GyroFlow stabilization to ensure stable and smooth HD Video. 

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  • Recently updated with a more stable 9V 2A BEC power for the DJI O3 HD VTX, preventing disruptions caused by low battery voltage.
  • Higher power 20A ESC (peak current of 35A), allowing it to handle special situations like motor blockage or stalling.
  • Connector for DJI O3 HD VTX and USB port for easy installation and maintenance.
  • The split-design HD VTX mounting bracket is compatible with popular models like DJI O3 Air Unit, Walksnail Avatar HD Pro, and Caddx Vista. The side bracket, rubber damper design, lens holder, and antenna have all been reinforced to suppress low-frequency vibration and enhance the safety of HD VTX, ensuring a stable output of high-definition video. 
  • To safeguard the DJI O3 camera lens and maintain consistent high-definition video output during flight, both a lens filter and a lens protection mount are included.
  • The battery slot and HD VTX mounting bracket duct height have been reduced to enhance the overall flying experience. DIY battery fixing methods are also supported, making them compatible with batteries of varying sizes and capacities.
  • The new F4 2-3S 20A AIO FC V1 upgrades from F4 1S 12A FC V3, weighs only 5.92 grams, and is optimized for HD digital VTX. Its improved computing power, high response speed, and stable flight make it an ideal choice for HD whoops.
  • The frame is constructed using PA12 material, known for its exceptional impact resistance and effortless installation process

F4 2-3S 20A AIO FC V1


  • Items: Pavo Pico Brushless Whoop Quadcopter
  • Color: Black
  • Flight Time: 4min
  • FC: F4 2-3S 20A AIO FC V1
  • Battery: 2S 450mAh 45C
  • Props: GF 45mm-3B black propeller
  • Motor: 1102 | 14000kv red and black (2022)
  • Weight (No Battery): 71.2g (DJI O3)
  • HD VTX: Supports DJI O3 Air Unit
  • RX Version: Serial ELRS
  • FPV Camera: Supports DJI O3 Camera


  • 1x BetaFPV BNF Pavo Pico HD 75mm Cinewhoop for DJI O3 (without O3 Unit) - ELRS 2.4GHz