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Clear Heat Shrink Tubing 1ft - Choose Version

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Diameter: 13mm
Type: Thick
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We have expanded our line of building supplies with the addition of a variety of clear heat shrinks. Good for a wide range of uses, from making your own battery packs, to re-shrink wrapping an ESC and numerous other possibilities.

Choose Thick or Thin, and the right size for your application. Both types have a 2 to 1 Shrink Ratio.   

  • Thick heat shrink is 0.2mm in thickness and has a rubbery, grabby texture. It's more durable than the thin stuff, but also much heavier.
  • Thin heat shrink is 0.1mm in thickness and has a hard, glossy texture. This is standard LiPo shrink.

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  • Thick Dimensions (Before Shrinking): 
    • ~13mm Diameter / 24mm Flat Width
    • ~20mm Diameter / 34mm Flat Width
    • ~25mm Diameter / 42mm Flat Width
    • ~54mm Diameter / 80mm Flat Width
  • Thin Dimensions (Before Shrinking): 
    • ~45mm Diameter / 70mm Flat Width
    • ~51mm Diameter / 80mm Flat Width
  • Shrink Ratio: 1:2
  • Color: Clear
  • Temperature Rating: 105 C
  • Length: 1 ft


  • 1x 1ft. Clear Heatshrink Tubing