Clear Heat Shrink Tubing: 13MM, 20MM, 25MM, 80MM - 1ft

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We have expanded our line of building supplies with the addition of a variety of clear heat shrink. Good for a wide range of uses, from making your own battery packs, to re-shrink wrapping an ESC and numerous other possibilities.

Size Options:

  • 13 MM (Diameter)
  • 20 MM (Diameter)
  • 25 MM (Diameter)
  • 80 MM (Flat Width)


  • Shrink Ratio: 1:2
  • Color: Clear
  • Temperature Rating: 105 C
  • Length: 1 ft


The 13MM, 20MM, and 25MM are .2MM in thickness and have rubbery, grabby texture.

The 80MM is .1MM in thickness and has a smooth, glossy texture.


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