CNHL 14.8V 4S 1500mAh 100C G+ Plus LiPo Battery - XT60

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CNHL has become insanely popular, and sitting at the top of their totem pole for FPV racing are the CNHL (China Hobby Line) 1500mah 100C 4s packs. Offering insane value, these packs are under $26 yet perform similarly to a battery which will often cost $40 or more. Tested and loved by the pilots here at RaceDayQuads, you can be assured that these batteries have the punch you crave and the speed you demand while racing. Additionally, these are a favorite of ours because of the increased 1500mah capacity. With motors and props which continually demand more and more from batteries with each release, these batteries stand up to the task.

Not sure if you will like them? Go ahead and get one - we will be sure to have stock when you want five more!

Check out this battery's test results, done by Joshua Bardwell.

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CNHL FPV Battery

Capacity  1500mAh
Voltage 14.8V / 4-Cell / 4S1P
Discharge Rate 100C Continual / 200C Burst
Charge Rate 5C Max
Size 33X35X85mm
Weight  190g (Including wire and connector)
Output Connector XT60U
Balance Connector JST / XH