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CNHL SpeedyPizza 3.8V 1S 350mAh 75C LiHV Battery 5 Pack - BT2.0

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The CNHL SpeedyPizza 3.7V 1S 350mAh 75C LiHV Battery - BT2.0. This high-performance battery offers 75C of power, providing you with a reliable and consistent source of energy.   Grab 5 slices of BT2.0 power for your whoop today!

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  • Capacity: 350mAh
  • Voltage: 3.8V / 1-Cell / 1S1P
  • Discharge Rate: 75C Continual / 150C Burst
  • Charge Rate: 5C Max
  • Size: 6x11x67mm
  • Weight: 8g/each battery
  • Output Connector: BT2.0
  • Balance Connector: JST / XH
  • Wire Size (AWG): 22#
  • Package: 5 pcs CNHL Pizza Series 350mAh 3.8V 1S 75C Lipo Battery with BT2.0


  • 5x CNHL SpeedyPizza 3.8V 1S 350mAh 75C LiHV Battery - BT2.0