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CraftedKwads Odonata HD Ironclad 2" Micro Frame Kit

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This micro drone boasts remarkable performance, fitting in the palm of your hand while providing the same feel as a 5" craft. The Ironclad works with 2" props and has an approximate 50g dry weight. The Odonata HD combines speed, silence, and a dragonfly's-eye view into one powerful package. This Ironclad ripper is designed to take on heavier builds and larger motors with its 2.5mm thick bottom plate.

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  • Palm size
  • Dragonfly like POV
  • Ultra light weight 
  • Supports DJI (Naked Vista)
  • Supports HDZERO (Whoop Lite)
  • Supports Avatar (1S Lite VTX)
  • Supports Analog (Nano VTX)
  • Extra Durable bottom plate


  • Motor mounting:  Ø6.6mm tri-point m1.4, Ø9mm two-point m2
  • Electronic mounting: 25.5x25.5 (bottom plate), 20x20 (top plate)
  • Camera mounting: Nano (14x14)
  • Prop size: 2"
  • Weight: 13g
  • Top Plate: 1.5mm
  • Bottom Plate: 2.5mm

 VTX systems supported:

  • DJI: naked vista
  • HDZERO: Whoop Lite 
  • Avatar: 1S lite VTX
  • Analog: Nano VTX


  • 1x CraftedKwads Odonata HD 2" Ironclad Micro Frame Kit