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DogCom 3.8V 1S 300mAh 75C LiHV Battery w/ Cabled - BT2.0

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Discover the DogCom brand and its high-quality and stable Lipos batteries. DogCom makes high-quality batteries, with stable chemistry for safer storage and use, lower internal resistance for high discharge rates, and a long life cycle! 

Check out our selection of 1S batteries, and our entire DogCom collection!


  • High & stable quality.
  • Higher energy density.
  • Lower internal resistance.
  • Longer life cycle.

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  • Capacity: 300mAh
  • Configuration: 4.35V / 1S1P / 1 Cells
  • Continuous Discharge Rate: 75C
  • Burst Discharge Rate: 150C
  • Dimensions: 62mm length x 11mm Width x 7mm Height
  • Weight: about 7.5g
  • Discharge Plug: BT2.0


  • 1 x DogCom 300mAh 1S HV 75C Lipo - BT2.0 cable