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DJI RC Motion 3

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The DJI RC Motion 3 features intuitive motion control and easy ACRO!

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DJI RC Motion 3
Feel Every Flight
Effortlessly perform difficult aerial acrobatics with DJI RC Motion 3. New pilots can now perform spectacular flips, drifts, and other captivating maneuvers.

Soar, dive, and roll for stunning aerial footage with a single push. Capturing epic FPV footage with DJI RC Motion 3 and Avata 2 is easier than ever.

  • One-Push Flip: 360° front/back flip, adding fresh twists to your footage.
  • One-Push Roll: Roll 360° left/right, turning any shot from meh to magic.
  • One-Push 180° Drift: High-speed lateral drifts to yaw spin 180° past objects and swiftly pull away, achieving dramatic visuals.


  • 1x DJI RC Motion 3