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Flywoo BNF Explorer LR 4" Deadcat HD 4S Quad w/ DJI O3 Air Unit - ELRS

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From the creator of the classic dead cat design for micro long-range, Dave_C FPV. As well as the collaboration with Flywoo, we at RaceDayQuads present you the Flywoo Explorer LR HD. Small, long-range, lightweight, and a DJI O3 FPV Air Unit, now that is a recipe for fun. This quad features the GOKU Versatile F405 Pro Mini Stack, NIN 1404 V2 2750KV Motors, and V3.0 GPS.

Want a guide for this drone, well here you go: Drone Guide

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  • Long-range capabilities up to 10KM (FCC)
  • Newest GOKU MINI GPS V3 for Explorer O3
  • GPS search up to 30 satellites
  • Plug&Play plug O3 Air unit. Hence there is no need to solder
  • 4K/60fps recording for high-quality footage
  • Latest GOKU MINI GPS V3 for greater accuracy
  • Compact and lightweight design, weighing less than 250g even with the battery
  • Long flight time of up to 30 minutes
  • User-friendly controls for easy operation


The DJI O3 Air Unit integrates DJI's cutting-edge video transmission technology into a lightweight and compact body, the DJI O3 Air Unit features state-of-the-art DJI transmission technology enclosed in a lightweight, compact design. See for yourself that it's possible! The DJI O3 Air Unit will provide you with excellent image quality over long distances and is distinguished by ultra-low latency, thanks to which you will take your FPV experience to a whole new level. The device is a real breakthrough in imaging performance - it offers a 1/1.7-inch sensor, flagship video technology, 155° super-wide field of view, and more. It is also distinguished by its compatibility with a wide range of products. Get a reliable image transmission tool, unleash your creativity and enjoy even more sky-high travels!


The V3.0 GPS allows for up to 30 satellites to be searched, making the rescue function more reliable. Safeguard your cruise flight with a built-in buzzer and up to 5 hours of standby.


This RTF is fully built and test-flown by build technicians at Flywoo.



  • FC and ESC : Goku Versatile F405 Pro Mini Stack - F405 FC + 40A ESC
  • Frame: Explorer LR 4 03 (Different from OG Explorer LR frame)
  • Model: Explorer LR 4 HD DJI 03
  • Propellers: Gemfan 4024 2-Blade
  • Motors: NIN 1404 V2 2750Kv
  • Antenna: DJI 03 antenna
  • VTX: DJI 03 Air Unit
  • Wheelbase: 168mm
  • Camera: DJI 03
  • Brand: FLYWOO
  • Weight: 168.4g

GOKU GN F405 Pro Mini 40A 20x20 Stack

GOKU Versatile F405 PRO FC

  • Input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo
  • MCU: STM32F405BGA
  • GYRO: ICM42688P
  • UARTS: 1/2/3/4/5/6
  • I2C: SCL/SDA
  • Barometer: BMP280
  • BEC: 5V 2A / 10V 2A
  • Blackbox: 16M
  • Input Voltage: 2-6S
  • Firmware: FLYWOOF405PRO
  • Mounting: 20x20mm M3 / 30x30mm M4
  • ESC Soft: Dshot300/600
  • ESC Telemetry: Yes
  • LED Controller: BF LED
  • F.Port: Yes
  • RSSI: Yes
  • Buzz: Yes
  • Input: 2~6S Lipo (8.4~25.2V)
  • TVS Protection: Yes

GOKU 406S 8bit 40A ESC

  • Con. Current: 40A
  • Burst Current: 45A
  • Input Voltage: 2-6S
  • Support DShot300/600
  • Current Sensor: YES
  • BEC Output: NO
  • Size: 42×42×4mm
  • Mounting Hole: 20x20mm ( M3)

FPV System

  • VTX: DJI O3 Air Unit (Requires DJI Goggles 2 or DJI FPV Goggles V2)
  • Channels: : Auto mode support Manual mode support: 40 MHz: 1 channel; 20MHz: 3 channels; 10MHz: 3channels
  • Camera: DJI O3 Air Unit Camera
  • VTX Antenna: DJI O3 Air Unit Antenna


  • 1x Flywoo BNF Explorer LR 4" Deadcat HD 4S Quad w/ DJI O3 Air Unit - ELRS
  • 2x Gemfan 4024-2 Black Propellers (Set of 4)
  • 2x Battery Strap 15x180mm
  • 1x Hardware Set