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HGLRC Sector X5 FR 5" Freestyle Frame Kit

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The CNC camera plates on this frame are designed to support the DJI O3 Air unit. Making this Frame an HD and Analog compatible frame. 

The HGLRC Sector X5 FR is a 5" Freestyle FPV Frame with a Wide X configuration. Take your freestyle flights to the next level with this durable frame! This frame features quick swap arms for easy electronic fixes and CNC aluminum side plates. It also has Dustproof belts that mount on the side standoffs to protect electronics from any debris.

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  • Replaceable arms for quick disassembly without taking apart the whole frame
  • A fixed power outlet for convenience and protecting your power cable from cutting by propellers
  • Dust-proof straps covering both sides to better protect your rig and keep them clean
  • CNC aluminum side plates combined with 3D printed parts to make your drone look dope!


  • Brand name:HGLRC
  • Model: Sector X5 Freestyle Frame
  • Material: 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Type: 5-inch
  • Wheelbase: 210 mm
  • Size: 199x178 mm
  • Top plate: 2.5mm
  • Middle plate: 2mm
  • Bottom plate: 2.5mm
  • Top and middle plate space: 25mm
  • FC mounting hole: 30.5mmx30.5mm/20x20mm M3
  • VTX Mounting: 20x20
  • Camera mount:19x19mm
  • Motor mounting hole: M3X16
  • Weight: 120g


  • 1x 2.5 mm Top plate
  • 1x 2 mm Middle plate
  • 1x 2.5 mm Base plate
  • 4x 5 mm Arm
  • 1x 2.5mm Arm fixing plate
  • 2x 2mm Camera side panel
  • 1x Frame head CNC aluminum parts (one pair)
  • 1x TPU Black GOPRO fix mount
  • 1x TPU black SMA antenna mount
  • 1x TPU black GPS mount
  • 1x TPU black base plate protection cover
  • 4x TPU black arm protection
  • 4x TPU Red footpad
  • 2x Battery straps 20x250mm
  • 1x Battery Anti-slip pad
  • 1x Screw Accessory package