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HQ Prop Durable 7x4x3 Tri-Blade 7" Prop 4 Pack - Grey

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HQ just keeps going bigger, they have brought a new 7" contender to the field. The Durable Prop 7x4x3 is designed to be efficient and light but with the 4" pitch it can also get up and go if you need it to. If you have a 7" frame this is a must have prop in your bag. 


  • Length: 7 inch
  • Pitch: 4
  • Blades: 3
  • Material: Poly Carbonate
  • Hub Diameter:13.3mm
  • Hub Thicknes:7mm
  • Shaft: 5mm
  • Color: Light Grey


  • 2CW HQProp 7x4x3 Light Grey PC
  • 2CWW HQProp 7x4x3 Light Grey PC