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ImmersionRC RF Power Meter V2

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"Every FPVers Toolbox Needs One…"

FPV is made possible thanks to two RF links, a control link, and a video link. Without an RF Power Meter, a pilot has no way to test these critical RF links.

The ImmersionRC RF Power Meter V2 makes testing critical RF links for FPV simpler and more affordable. Featuring an internal battery and attenuator, this power meter can accurately help you measure your RF links, giving you the accurate information you need to fly the skies. This tool provides a cost-effective way to measure the power emitted by RF sources such as video transmitters and R/C radios. Meaning this device will easily allow you to visualize the power emitted.

Test equipment for microwave (GHz) links is not cheap. ImmersionRC changed this several years ago and provided our ‘Power Meter V1’ to the FPV community. The V2 is the result of listening to customer feedback. With a added internal battery, an internal attenuator, and a few features that every FPVer needs.

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  • Accurate RF Power Measurements
  • Touch-Free Race Compliance
  • PowerScope Mode
  • Average, or Peak Measurements
  • Integrated Li-ion Battery


  • Power Level: -20dBm up to +30dBm
  • Calibrated Frequencies: 35, 72, 433, 1200, 2400, 5600-6000MHz in 50MHz steps
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5dB
  • Attenuator: 30dB (Internal)
  • Battery: Internal 3.7V Lithium Ion cell, 10440 size, 600mAh
  • Current Consumption: ~35mA
  • Battery Life: ~8 hours
  • Auto Shutdown: 5 minute timeout
  • Charging: Micro USB cable
  • Display: OLED, 128×64 pixels, monochrome
  • User Input: Joystick
  • Interfaces: USB, power control via CDC
  • Antenna: 5.8GHz ‘Sniffer Antenna’ (linearly polarized ~2dBi dipole)
  • Adapter: Male to Male SMA adapter
  • UPC: 840630182215
  • Width: 8.6CM
  • Length: 6.5CM
  • Height: 3.2CM
  • Weight: 40g



  • 1x ImmersionRC RF Power Meter V2