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NewBeeDrone Action Camera M5 Mounting Hardware

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Forgot your big driver for your tab mount? Use a thumb screw instead! We've made a special thumb screw and nut set for the CinemAh GoPro Tab Mount (also compatible with other tab mounts).

The GoPro Tab Mounting Hardware comes in Black, Silver, Gold, Blue, and Dark Red!

Note: The currently released Tab Mount is not compatible with the provided nut. Click here for more info. Updated files and an option to purchase an appropriate Tab Mount will be released soon. 

The Dark Red color is closer to the color of the example photo, not the pink-ish product image.


  • Thread: M4 
  • Thread Length: 25mm
  • Weight: 7.7g

Weight of M5 Mounting Hardware + TPU Tab Mount = 12.5g

Weight of Hero 8 Sleeve mount = 8.1g