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NewBeeDrone BNF Hummingbird V3 1S Brushless Analog Whoop - ELRS 2.4GHz - RANDOM Color

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Experience awesome performance and great value! - The best racer whoop for only $89.99. Special X-shaped board F4 processor, 25mW video transmission, SPI ELRS receiver, plug-and-play: no soldering! Quick repairs for when parts break. Shaving down on weight while maintaining its size. Compared to V2, we saved 1.3g. Reaching 23.31g with Nitro Nectar 300mAh battery, up to 4mins of fast flying. Featuring a Nitro Nectar Gold connector for better performance. 0802 25000kv motors and 3-blade Azi propellors for power and stability. 

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Unbelievable performance with unbelievable value. Best racer whoop just got better again. At $89.99, there is no brushless whoop with this quality in the market.

Compared to Hummingbird V2, now with built-in VTX. Special X-shaped board with F4 processor, built-in 25mW video transmission, SPI ELRS receiver, and LEDs. Plug-and-play everything. Completely no soldering. Easy fast fixes when parts break.

We found the best ratio between the size of the drone and its weight distribution. Extra weight-saving from a true all-in-one board. X-shaped board to save unnecessary weight at corners. Compared to V2, we saved 1.3 grams. Total weight up to 23.31 grams. Up to 4 minutes with Nitro Nectar 300mAh batteries racing at insanely fast speed.

We believe in good chaos in this world. Add a little surprise and color in your life. If you REALLY don't like the color, you can always get a replacement and choose a new color when you break the frame with our unlimited frame warranty.


Designed to be 100% compatible with Nitro Nectar Gold for best performance. Super smooth and longer-lasting flights.




  • Drone Size: 65mm
  • Flight Controller: Hummingbird V3 ELRS AIO Flight Controller
  • Frame: Cockroach65 Brushless Frame Random Color
  • Motors: Hummingbird 0802 Motor 25000KV
  • Propeller: Azi Tri-Blade 31mm Propeller Random Color
  • Camera: BeeEye Camera
  • Canopy: Goober Canopy v1 Random Color

Hummingbird V3 ELRS AIO Flight Controller

  • MCU: STM32F411
  • GYRO: BMI270
  • VTX: 25mw with BeeTX 5.8Ghz Antenna
  • ESC: 12A BLHeliS pre-flashed with Bluejay 0.19.2 Target: O-H-10 48kHz
  • ESC Connector: JST-1.0 3Pin
  • OSD: NBD7456 Graphical OSD compatible with Betaflight OSD
  • Receiver: 2.4G Antenna with MHF3 connector
  • Flight Controller Weight: 4.57g(Include antennas and battery connector) RS 3.23
  • Flight Controller Size: Outer dimensions: 29x29x7.6mm
  • Flight Controller Holes: 25.5x25.5mm
  • Battery input: 1S Only
  • Uart1: free
  • Uart2: free
  • Power Plug: Nectar Connector Gold Plated PH2.0 Solid Pin


  • 1x NewBeeDrone BNF Hummingbird V3 1S Brushless Analog Whoop - ELRS 2.4GHz - Choose Your Color