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NewBeeDrone Flow 0804 Dual Ball-Bearing Whoop Motor 12000KV&19000KV&25000KV (4PACK)

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KV: 19000KV
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Introducing the first Dual Ball Bearing 08 size motor. It is also the smallest motor under our Flow motor product line. 
Making a double Ball bearing whoop motor had been a challenge in our industry. High RPM, Limited space from the motor stators, Heat, all of these factor had been stopping people to make whoop size motor with dual ball bearing. We had been trying to prototyping and testing dual ball bearing 08 size motor back in 2020. Finally we find a way to make it work. We are using two 681XZZ ball bearing on this design. The Flow motor design gives this motor a better performance on cooling also structure strength. We are also using 7075 Aluminum Alloy on this motor. This is probably the first 08 size motor to use 7075 aluminum Alloy. The Motor still comes with PCB Board on the bottom to have the ability to swap motor wire. It also comes with more different KV option. 12000KV is good for 2S setup. 19000KV is the best balance KV we prefer everyone to use. 25000KV is crazy fast and perfect for racing.

These motors come with JST-1.0 plugs installed but also come with a set of Micro JST-1.25's. The BeeBrain Brushless uses Flight controller uses JST-1.0 plugs.
Note: These motors require a high performance battery such as the Nitro Nectar Gold
Spare motor plugs can be found here. Spare motor screws can be found here. Recommend setup Frame: Cockroach75 and Mosquito and MosquitoXL  Props: 40mm Azi Prop  or Gemfan 65mmS prop

- 0804 Motor Size - 7075 Aluminum Alloy  - 12,000KV (Designed for 2s) 19,000KV for best efficient and balance - 25,000KV for Racing - 1mm double step Shaft - Lead wire solder pads - JST-1.0 Plugs installed also come with spare 1.25 plug with 50mm wire - 50mm cable length - 2.85 grams each without wire and plug