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NewBeeDrone Lipo-Lock (4pcs) - Lipo Battery Secure Mounting Tape for FPV Multi-Rotors

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DON'T LET YOUR PACKS GRIP SLIP!! Make sure that your lipo battery is one with your craft my applying Lipo-Lock to your frame and battery.

A simple solution that doesn't matter if you get it dirty and will not lose its effectiveness over a short amount of time.

Oh yeah, did we mention that you can also fly a bottom mount battery without a strap?! Even though we do not suggest that technique, it is good to know that your flight is not just dependent on 1 or 2 straps.

Includes 4x 2'' pieces of 3M Extreme Dual lock tape


  • Add 1 piece of LiPo-Lock to the craft and 1 for each battery you plan to use with the craft.
  • We usually fit to size, cut if needed and then apply with pressure for several minutes. We use the 2'' strips for 4-6s and cut it down depending to size of the craft / battery for everything smaller. Apply with more force and time the smaller you go for the best bond.
  • Make sure the first application is done well with a good grip on the carbon and it will be¬†nice and secure!


This is an extreme version of Dual Lock that has to be normally special ordered in a large roll. This item is meant to make it easily available for pilots to try and secure their packs to their crafts without buying a huge roll!