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NewBeeDrone Prusa MK3S Print Bed mount Quad Bearing Upgrade Kit

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Some people say three points are more stable than 4 points, but in my test results, it is way better than a 3 bearing mount solution. It makes the print bed more locked in and stable. 

The kit comes with 

1x 6mm Carbon fiber Quad Bearing mount
4x Misumi LM8UU Linear Bearing 
4x Bearing holder 
10x M3 Steele screw for bearing holder 


1. Remove your the heat bed screws and take out the heat bed, keep the original screw and stand-off, we are going to use it later.

2. Unscrew 6 locknut to release the original mount from the bearing, unscrew the belt holder. 

3. Cut the rod holder zip ties to release the rod and remove the original bearing. After you remove the original bearing, please use microfiber cloth to clean up the rod. 

4. Install the Misumi LM8UU bearing on the carbon fiber mount, use the metal holder and the screw to secure the bearing. (At this step, please make sure the bearing are placing in the right position)

5. Install both rod into the bearing and mount it back to the frame, install the belt holder back to the carbon fiber mount. 

6. Put on the stand-off from took out from step 1, the carbon fiber plate we make a stand-off sink hole to make it easy to hold the stand-off in position. Put on the heat bed and use the step 1 screw to lock in the heat bed. 

7. Redo the First layer calibration, set the value to 0 and adjust it to the right position during the calibration. 

Now all set!  Enjoy the printing! 

Comparison for the Original base vs the Carbon fiber base.
Carbon fiber bed mount weightPrusa original bed mount weight 

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