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RadioMaster TX16S CNC AG01 Hall Gimbal Set - Choose Color

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We previously only offered the standard version of black AG01 gimbals. Now it's time to show your true colors with the AG01 color gimbals! Built to the same cutting-edge precision as the black AG01s, the color AG01s will look fly while you're on the fly!

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  • Sicky360 gimbal stick ends - 360° Non-slip geometry with dual-ring design increases comfort and contact.
  • Made with CNC-processed aviation-grade aluminum.
  • Non-contact hall sensors, for accurate control inputs and precise centering.
  • Quad precision bearings, for unparalleled stick-feel.
  • Improved package, to better protect the AG01 Gimbals.


  • Adjustable travel range: 38°- 54°
  • Temperature range: -20°c-85°c
  • Linearity: Real-time (No delay)
  • Working voltage: DC 3.3V
  • Adjustable tension: Yes
  • Adjustable mode: Yes
  • Product model: AG01
  • Size: 60*53*56mm
  • Quad bearing: Yes
  • Sensing type: Hall
  • Weight: 82g


  • RadioMaster TX16S CNC AG01 Hall Gimbal Set - Choose Color