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RDQ Series 1300mah 4S 100C FPV Lipo Battery

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The RDQ Series 1300mah 4S 100C battery truly sets a new standard in the FPV Lipo market. Containing the latest in FPV lipo battery technology, the RDQ Series Lipo packs a long-lasting punch which is going to redefine your idea of what is a quality Lipo. Nothing in the $20 and under price range can compete with this battery, plain and simple. In the RDQ Series lineup, we also have 3S 450mah, 3S 550mah, 3S 650mah, 4S 1500mah, 5S 1300mah, and 6S 1300mah packs


  • Weight: 164g (+/- 1%)
  • New Size: 34*35*78mm (10mm shorter than batch 1, 3mm taller)
  • 85mm long XT60 wire
  • <40mm long balance wire (the perfect length for usability and to keep it from getting damaged in flight)
  • 100C continuous output

Testing & Battery Comparison to CNHL & Others:

Here's what Joshua Bardwell wrote about this battery pack: 

"The most obvious comparison is to the CNHL 1300 mAh, which costs about the same. In the continuous discharge, at 60 amps, the CNHL discharged 603 mAh before reaching the cutoff voltage; The RDQ discharged 729 mAh (more is better). In the pulsed discharge, the CNHL completed four pulses at 70 amps and one pulse at 80 amps; the RDQ completed four pulses at 80 amps and two pulses at 80 amps. The RDQ is also a few grams lighter.


The Infinity Race-Spec is one of the only other 1300 packs I've tested. It's not even close. At 60 amps it only discharged 446 mAh. In the burst test, it completed three pulses at 70 amps and none at 80 amps. It's also $25. But it is about 10 grams lighter than the RDQ.


Download the full test results report below."

For those who don't like reading the attached file we'll sum it up. Bardwell tests for two primary discharge metrics - continuous and pulse. Essentially, if you constant discharge a pack how many amps will you get, same with pulse. The RDQ Series 1300 100C tested at 60a Constant and 80a Pulse (60/80). Here's how they compare to other batteries he's tested so far:

RDQ Series 1300 100C: 60/80
RDQ Series 1500 100C: 60/80
Tattu R-Line 1550 95C: 60/80

Pyro-Drone Who Cares 1600 95C: 50/60
CNHL 1300 100C: 50/70
CNHL 1500 100C: 50/70
Infinity RS 1300: 50/70
Infinity RS Force 1500: 50/80
MaxAmps 1450: 70/90 ($64)
TP Adrenaline 1600 95C: 50/70

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